Brendan has supported me and my clients for many years. His accounting and valuation expertise, industry insight, attention to detail and ability to build a strong rapport with clients, is invaluable.  He has been a strong support person for my clients, particularly when they have required a team to assist them in understanding complex financial issues that form part of resolving the financial aspect of their separation. I have also worked with Brendan in the Collaborative Law spacing, with my clients engaging him as a financial neutral, assisting the parties with the disclosure and option generation process.  This has helpfully streamlined the process of disclosure and defining of complex asset pools. I enjoy working with Brendan, he adds value to the service I offer to my clients.  I look forward to continuing this relationship in the future, for the benefit of those in the community who are going through a separation.” Chanel Martin, Resolve Divorce https://resolvedivorce.com.au/team/chanel-martin/

I have used Brendan Daw as a single expert business valuer in a number of different matters of the years. I have always found him to have great attention to detail and to provide thorough reports in a manner that is easy to understand for us lawyers. He is also very approachable and pleasant to deal with and has never hesitated to pick up the phone when I have a quick question about a valuation matter. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Brendan.” Ryan Thomas, Andersons Lawyers, https://www.andersons.com.au/our-people/ryan-thomas/

I have worked with Brendon over many years, as an accountant and financial consultant in traditional family law matters but also as a financial neutral in collaborative matters. He is great to work with; personable, prompt, conscientious and of great assistance in complex financial matters. He has a great way of making complex structures, companies and trust very accessible to lawyers and clients alike. He is also across complex taxation issues which are so important to understand in negotiations of property matters. I have no hesitation in recommending Brendan.” Julie Redman, Adelta Legal, https://adelta.com.au/?bn_people=julie-redman

“I have worked professionally with Brendan for some years. His knowledge, practical guidance , and ability to explain often  complex issues in a easily understood manner make his input into achieving resolution  valuable . His  professionalism, effective communication style,  and commitment is recognised and appreciated by clients and fellow practitioners. I highly recommend Brendan as part of a resolution focussed team.” Charlie Belperio, Belperio Connell, https://bclaw.au/our-people/

“Brendan has played a significant role in assisting our clients who are going through a separation, to better understand financial issues, often empowering them with knowledge in what can often be a stressful time.  Brendan’s support and advice to our clients has been invaluable.  Brendan has also provided family law valuation reports and indicative valuation reports to parties in a jointly instructed capacity and his expertise in the valuation industry have assisted many parties to resolve valuation disputes.”  Vanessa Carmerlengo, Resolve Divorce https://resolvedivorce.com.au/team/vanessa-camerlengo/

‘As a Collaborative family lawyer it is my preference to work with a full team of a financial neutral and a relationship coach.  I have had the benefit of working with Brendan Daw who has experience in providing taxation, business, and accounting advice.  Brendan, in addition to working as a financial neutral, is able to provide business valuation advice in both short form and detailed expert report form. I have known Brendan over many years of being able to provide business valuation to support dispute resolution options.’ Chris Swan, Swan Family Lawyers, https://swanfamilylawyers.com.au/team/christopher-swan/